Fulfills legal requirements – and individual requests.

The AvenDATA GmbH specializes in the archiving of old systems in accordance with the law. With the ViewBox, tried and tested software solution companies can build up a global archive for any kinds of old applications. Apart from complete archiving there is also the possibility to sort out single clients precisely and archive them securely.

Advantages of Archiving

Fixed price for the changeover ensures financial plannability

Guaranteed completeness of the acquired data

Minimum use of internal IT resources: AvenDATA ensures a trouble-free implementation due to years of experience in archiving of legacy systems

Disconnect from the entire infrastructure belonging to the old system (data bank, application, server) and save costs of corresponding license

Complete procedure documentation

Audit-proof and guaranteed data integrity

ViewBox – Certified to IDW PS880

In addition to the certification of the data center, there is also a certification for the software ViewBox. It is certified according to the IDW PS880 standard. This standard affirms to our customers that the ViewBox, when used properly, will enable accounting in accordance with the principles of proper accounting.

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